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A growing need for personal finance management

Problems with personal finance are increasing and they can be daunting to anyone. Problems can be due to lost paper or email invoices, passed due dates or negative bank account balance.

According to Intrum Justitia e.g. in Finland around 50 % has paid at least one invoice late. 61% say the reason was lack of money and 46% say they forgot to pay (Source: 23.11.2016 Intrum Justitia). The problem is global and until now there has not been a customer friendly solution to fix it. PayUp Solutions faces this challenge with their new service.

PayUp is the key to successful management of personal finances

PayUp is the world’s easiest and most user friendly mobile payment service for paying bills. It helps the customer to manage their personal finance by compiling the invoices in one place and helping to avoid problems due to unpaid bills. With PayUp invoice are always accessible on the phone and paying them is easy and smooth. PayUp reminds about invoices that are overdue.

In case an invoice is or is about to overdue and the user is tight on money, she / he can easily apply for payment extension by one click with PayUp’s payment extension service. This service is made in cooperation with Mash Finance Oyj.

The invoices are archived in the application, so they can be easily found afterwards. There are also new payment services under development, which will further help the everyday life of the user.

Would you like to be apart of PayUp’s success story? You should!

The PayUp service is very cost-effective, processes are automated, the earning model is clear and the goal is to become profitable in Q1 / 2020. Then the next step after that is internationalization.

Both service developers have over 20 years of experience in electronic customer- and billing services. They have developed the world's first consumer e-invoice and the automatic payment plan service. PayUp is based on these innovations, and it brings billing and administration of consumer invoices in one go to the 2020s.

In the background, the company's operations are supported by the toughest experts in Finland.

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