Why PayUp?

From the invoicer's point of view, PayUp offers a number of business benefits that you get automatically and without costs:

1. Cost savings for customer service and billing.
2. Competitive advantage for better service for your customers.
3. Invoices are paid on time.

PayUp is suitable for any company that has consumer customers and is able to send e-invoices through an invoice operator (more than 175,000 companies in Finland according to TIEKE)

How to send invoices to the PayUp app?

PayUp creates a new e-invoice address for the user who has installed the application. The address simply needs to be updated in the billing information of that user in the billing system.

It is a consumer e-invoice jointly defined by invoicing operators. The consumer gets an operator / service provider specific e-invoice address, which is used for sending invoices. The invoices move forward according to the operator’s process as usual.